Failed To Attend Policy

Effective 01-05-2021, the policy outlines how D11 Dental will manage patients who fail to attend for their scheduled appointment.

Firstly, we understand that things can change. We encourage patients to call or email us and let us know if they cannot attend their appointment. Our team will work with you to reschedule appointments or help you attend your appointment.

However, patients who habitually miss their appointemnts have a negetive affect for our dental practive. Our clinic works on an appointment basis therefore the missed appointment slot can deprive another patient of seeing they dentist earlier.

What happens when a patient fails to attend?

Starting from 01-05-2021, the following will apply:

  1. If a patient fails to attend 2 appointments according to our computer system, we will no longer be able to see them in our practice.
  2. There will be a fee of €40 for each failed appointment which will need to be cleared proir to any future appointments. They can do so by calling the practice to arrange payment.

It is our intent that this policy is never required. However, we need to ensure that our patients understand the issues that habitually missed appointments cause and their consequences.